Two Worlds Collide: That Sound & Roland's SPD-SX




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    Rick R

    What sort of latency do you get with this? I've never been able to get it low enough to make it confortable. Even with small look-ahead sample rates on a newer retina MacBook Pro, it still has enough latency (~10ms) to make it difficult to play.

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    Andy G

    I usually have to increase the volume of my samples in a DAW, does anyone else have that problem?  t'd be nice to skip that step

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    Bill Phegley


    Timing is everything. Michael Schack originally turned me on to That Sound. Since then, I've purchased  a few libraries in order to enhance my acoustic kit. Recently i've utilized the Roland TM-2 to drive sounds and background tracks via triggers. I've since ordered the SPD-SX due to it's exponential capabilities beyond the TM-2 and others. I look forward to the videos on this subject.

    ps; What's your take on releasing Libraries in SPD-SX specific 16 bit format kits? I have no issues doing conversions etc., just posing the question. For now, third party apps work fine.

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